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Pro Bono Commentary

As a society we place a heavy emphasis on our pro-bono initiatives, and we invite our members to get involved in as many events and opportunities they can. Below you can find one of our Pro Bono projects, which we have coined as the ‘Commentary Project’. Here, our members are involved with writing a series of articles about certain legal topics that interest them!

What comes first, the Premium Delivery or the Earth? The legal issues and ethics of mass sales and attitudes of large retailers in the UK

January 2022

Businesses are flooding everyone’s inbox with promotional mail, social media feeds are plastered with ads and the traffic in shopping centres is spilling onto the streets like oil dumping in the ocean - call it Black Friday.

Charity Spotlight: University of Exeter x Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Services

January 2022

Last term, we saw the University of Exeter Law Society celebrate Pro Bono Week by introducing a variety of different community projects to students to raise awareness and allow people to learn more about the pro bono opportunities surrounding us. The Pro Bono team had the honour to host a Q&A with Mandy Barnes, one of the Founders and Training Managers of DRCSAS.

The impact of COVID-19 on the legal system and access to justice

January 2022

COVID-19 has forced the courts to encompass technology into their proceedings. Although the move towards virtual courts was permitted by the Coronavirus Act 2021, it still poses the risk of infringing access to justice in the UK.

Cyberflashing – the next infinity stone in the glove of the Sexual Offences Act

November 2021

Living in the world of digital love letters and mainstream online dating has helped people across the world share a love story, yet – as with anything else – the question of misusing such apps creates a major risk, and a grey area for the law, when aspects of consent arise.

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