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Our community is the very heart of UELS and what makes us successful. We offer regular social events for our members to allow them to interact with like-minded people and make friends for life. The highlights of our social calendar include our biannual Winter Ball and Spring Gala!


Employability is all about providing our members with a broad range of career opportunities, aimed at all students, both law and non-law. We will be striving to increase opportunities for our members network and and get close and personal with professionals from top law firms, chambers and organisations. 

Pro Bono

Our dedicated Pro Bono Officers have been working hard to establish three main projects for this academic year. These include:

  • Commentary - a continuing project which aims to produce articles raising awareness about Pro Bono.

  • Fundraising - entailing groups of student volunteers raising money for carefully chosen charities.

  • Legal Education - involving working with the Maynard School with the aim of raising awareness of basic legal issues and topics.


We have a range of competitions, including mooting, mock trials and negotiation competitions, including newcomer variants for those who have never participated before. The UELS mock trial allows aspiring barristers to improve upon their courtroom etiquette and advocacy skills. Similarly our Pro Bono and mooting activities ensure that we are giving students the opportunity to develop transferable skills for their career in accessible and inclusive ways. 

Academic support

This year, you can expect to see UELS hosting events that will aid with studying, managing workloads whilst ensuring you have time for your wellbeing, preparing you for the different formats of exams/coursework as well as enriching your law school experience with interesting speaker events.

Welfare and Support

Our Welfare and Diversity & Inclusion team will ensure that UELS goes above and beyond catering for not just your career path, but for your wellbeing too. We're committed to ensuring that you have access to a safe and accessible community during your time at university. 


Our membership aims to give you the best value for money possible, so we've teamed up with various local businesses in Exeter to give you discounts. 

Scan the QR code on your membership cards to check out the exclusive discounts you get as a UELS member! 


Represent your favourite law society on Streatham campus with your very own personalised UELS stash! 

This year, we're introducing puffer jackets, bucket hats, hoodies and more. 

Stash drops happen periodically during the year - stay tuned! 

UELS is a student-run society under the affiliation of the University of Exeter's Students' guild. This means we (like all other similar societies) are administered and governed in accordance with the Guild bylaws, and our own constitution. 

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